Delighting Your Audience - examples

PC Game Trailers and Script Editing for a Global Software Company

I wrote scripts and edited video for a PC video game's pre-release trailers. The trailers were designed to "tease" upcoming features, and to assure the established franchise audience that the new game understood them and what they enjoyed about the franchise. The trailers additionally introduced the new main character for the game, so they needed to accurately reflect the character's personality and style.

To ensure credibility with the audience, I wrote the trailer scripts to use entirely in-game footage. I worked with game developers and creative staff to ensure the dialog and messages were true to the character speaking. I then used the latest game builds to scout locations, create new techniques for virtual camera control, capture the footage, and edit the video.

Based on the trailer work, I was asked to do an edit pass on the in-game dialog for character voice, and assisted in VO sessions.

Social Media Content for a Global Software Company

I developed concepts for humorous Facebook entries for a mobile software system page, using the interface of product itself to tell stories. I then worked with a design firm to produce the final pieces.

Based on the success of these entries, the client then asked me to create concepts and copy for a series of humorous internal posters highlighting specific features of the interface as an encouragement for staff to evangelize the product externally.  

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